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I closed my first deal for $3k profit!

Andy, prior to purchasing the Wholesale Empire system I was at first quite skeptical. I had purchased 3 other property wholesaling systems, one of which had cost me $25k!

I had heard about the guys online who swore by your System…who are now making hundreds of thousands of dollars from property wholesaling but, I was suspicious that they were just natural negotiators and salesman with a real estate background…and that I would never be able to live up to that level of success.

Well, your course has shown me that nothing could be further from the truth!

I did what you said and I took my time and diligently went through the videos, and found the fact that they were not the same as some of the other courses I had bought, but rather found in each and every video and section within The Wholesale Empire really refreshing.

This allowed me to get started right away with the marketing templates, lead sources and contracts that you provided, which is what you said make Wholesale Empire so different from the other courses. Within a few short days I had my first wholesale property lead.

I wish I had found your system to start this whole process and I would have saved about 5 wholesale deals worth of profits.

I think it is awesome that you are helping people out at such an unbelievably low price!

I learned a lot of new things from your system that I have not seen anywhere else. Not to mention the different website sources you teach and the way of looking at comps that none of the other trainings have illustrated for me in such a comprehensive way.

Now, thanks to Wholesale Empire, I have my first marketing campaign off the ground, getting high quality leads, and have closed my first deal wholesale deal for a $3k profit! I can finally see myself as yet another Wholesale Empire success story. I can’t thank you enough!

Andy helped make me tremendous amounts of money

In 2006 I started to gain serious interest in real estate. I firmly believed it was the way to getting out of the rat race and creating generational wealth.

I didn’t know anyone in the industry so I started to read about it, take classes, go to seminars and do anything else necessary to learn how to build wealth through real estate.

I happened to go to a free seminar in Arizona and Andy Werner was the main speaker. I was immediately captivated by his talk, he was very articulate and it was obvious he knew how the real estate market worked, what pitfalls to avoid and many creative and exciting ways to structure deals and began to build a real estate profile either through fix and flips or purchasing and leasing properties.

I was so impressed with his presentation that I approached him after and asked if he would be willing to mentor me. To my surprise he said yes. He asked me if I was willing to work hard, study and do what was needed to make it in the real estate investing world.

For the next several months I was able to accompany Andy when he went to look at property, filter through deals on paper, go to properties he already owned and was fixing up or anything else he was doing relating to real estate.

My first impression that Andy knew his stuff and would be an incredible teacher never changed. In fact, my admiration only grew.

Andy helped me walk through the process of buying several properties. There was one property I was dead set on purchasing and he highly advised against it. He laid out the reasons why it would not be a good investment. Rather than heed his advice I purchased it.

That is the only property I purchased on my own and it was the only one that failed miserably. I could talk about a million stories where Andy helped make or save me tremendous amounts of money, but I’ll focus on one.

I’ll highlight the property in Tucson that Andy helped me secure after going down there with me and reviewing the numbers. At that time many individuals were buying the condo units that were fixed up.

Of course they were more expensive. Andy walked me through it and suggested I purchase one that was not going to be fixed up. It was currently rented and would cash flow. I purchased that condo 7 years ago and the original tenant is still in the condo, pays on time and the condo has cash flowed since day one.

If I were to suggest working with anyone concerning real estate it would no doubt be Andy. I am incredibly fortunate and I still call Andy anytime I have a real estate related question.


Andy is honest, well educated in this industry and also always offers several perspectives and backs up why he believes which route is the best. He also highlights potential downsides and risks so you never feel like you are walking into a decision blindly.

When he told me he had created a digital product in addition to coaching others I was thrilled. People need this information and it can help you regardless if you have never invested before or if you are a seasoned real estate investor looking to spruce up your game or potentially shift into another real estate arena.

I could not give any single individual or product higher praise.

Best of luck!!

It was too much for us on our own

Even though I had bought and flipped a number of houses through the MLS, the title issues and fast research needed to buy at an actual trustee sale was too much for us on our own. Foreclosure Investing Made Simple did the heavy lifting. They handled title and taxes and gave us a clear sense of retail value. I am thrilled with how the whole process went and with the house we picked up!

***This testimonial is from a previous business called Foreclosure Investing Made Simple

After 2 years I have bought nearly 70 properties!

If you want to know how savvy investors are getting the BEST DEALS in real estate while you struggle to find JUST ONE that suits your needs, you need to contact Andy Werner and his team.
I was one of the struggling investors less than 2 years ago before I met Andy. He [and his partner] helped guide me in the right direction, and showed me the ins and outs of buying at auction where there are great prices on NICE homes DAILY…You get an almost unfair advantage over the other novice investors bidding at the auction because of the years of experience knowing what to bid on and what to watch out for. It is their business to watch out for you so you don’t make a costly mistake.
Now, after 2 years of using their service I have bought nearly 70 properties at auction and have made GREAT RETURNS! Not only have I found a way to consistently buy properties at a bargain, I’ve also built a trusting relationship with the guys. I know they always have my best interest in mind when working with them.

***This testimonial is from a previous business called Foreclosure Investing Made Simple

He helped us even in our local market overseas

Thank you for the work we have done together using your “Street Wise Property Investing” system.

Your knowledge, expertise, ideas and objective thoughts have helped us immensely on our path to becoming astute property investors.  We are in the process of putting into practice the tools that we learnt into our local market (overseas).  We look forward to watching more of the progress updates that you load to YouTube.  These updates continue to be invaluable as part of your tutorial, and provide the hands-on approach that we cannot get due to location.

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